Group Buy, buy in groups, save together in SmokDaddy

What is SmokDaddy Group Buy?

Group Buy is a social promotion where you get discounts when you buy together with other people. You can get impressive discounts just by inviting your friends to join.

Why we create Group Buy ?

  • More orders are helpful to reduce the cost of production, the customers can get lower price to buy goods of the same value after transferring this part of profit
  • As the data shows, the cost of shipping for some goods exceeds 30% of the order amount.When the same address is ordered for more than one item, it can save a lot of shipping costs. 

Matters need attention:

  1. About shipping address:Only when multiple products are sent to the same address can the shipping cost savings be achieved. The package will be sent to the address of the initiator(please note this). Therefore, we encourage everyone to share group purchases with your friends or colleagues to get your products.
  2. Group purchase timeliness: If the group purchase target cannot be completed within the validity period of the group purchase, we will refund the order amount within 24 hours after the failure, or cancel the group purchase at any time by contacting us, and get a refund within 24 hours.
  3. Group purchase progress information acquisition: tracking group purchase progress through group buy page or the e-mail of purchase information. (Because some of the cross-border bank transfers are delayed, there may be a delay after payment, which is normal)

How to start a new group ?

1st  find the products which in Group buy collection
2nd  find the Group buy Button
3rd view the details of the Group Buy.
4th After confirming the address information pay for the order with the group buy discount
5th Finish the payment and invite your friend to join the Group buying


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