XIAOMI TAKI mini disposable e-cigarette Nicotine content 50mg/ml

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Xiaomi Ecosystem Product 
When evaluating a cigarette, the feeling of the nose is more direct than the feeling of the throat. This is neglected by many e-cigarette brands.The slogan of Taki is ‘Good smoke is smelling’,let's have a look and find how Taki Mini let the nose and throat enjoy somking.
This product has passed TPD certification

Main Features:
Tobacco smoke flavor:The full-bodied simulation smoke taste
Cool mung beans: Sweet mung beans deep breath, as if back to the hot summer alley selling mung beans popsicles childhood.
Cold extract coffee: Refreshing together with the strong sense of fighting the throat
Lichi Flavor: Rich and sweet, the mouth seems to be swayed by fresh fruit
Ice blueberry: Rich blueberry scent,like a blueberry in the mouth

Atomizer capacity: 1.5ml
Smoking times:about 400 puffs
Battery capacity :280mAh
Main ingredients: natural glycerin / medical propylene glycol / food grade spices
Nicotine content: 50mg/ml
Taste: Classic Tobacco / Cool mung beans / Cold Extract Coffee / Ice Sweet Lychee / Ice blueberry